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How to Prevent Plagiocephaly?

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                                     How to Prevent Plagiocephaly?

Plagiocephaly and Flat Spots on Babies' Heads = Preventable.

As with all health conditions, the best cure for Plagiocephaly is prevention. Here are the best ways to prevent your baby from developing a flat spot:

  • Start tummy time as early as possible and do it often.
  • Use a baby pillow. They are being used in Sweden, Spain and other countries in Europe to prevent plagiocephaly. Use one that is safe such as the Mimos baby pillow which is 94% air and proven safe for babies. It sounds like a strange concept however studies showing that 48% of babies are getting flat spots is making the use of baby pillows in postnatal wards of hospitals common.
  • Pay attention to the way that your baby is lying. Do they always hold their head to one side? Always sleep with their head turned to one side? Do they have a funny tilt where the head is bent or off-centre?

    If so, it is probably a tight neck muscle (torticollis) and you need to take baby to someone such as a Paediatric chiropractor or Physiotherapist for some massage and exercises to help loosen the muscle. Often parents are told that this will improve on its own, but it usually results in baby always lying on the same side and the head gets a flat spot. The head flattening happens very quickly so don't wait! Make an appointment. If your therapist doesn't do massage or hands-on stretching of the neck muscle, go somewhere else. It will get better much faster if the therapist does massage. Also, make sure that they are trained and qualified in paediatrics!
  • Don't wait! If you think that baby is getting a flat spot, get them onto a baby pillow and make an appointment.
  • Tell others! There are parents out there who don't realise the importance of tummy time and what to do if they notice baby only turns their head one way. Talk at your mothers' group!


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