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Is Sleeping On Your Side Good Or Bad?

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                     Is Sleeping On Your Side Good Or Bad?

Have you been sleeping on your side? Is it good or bad for your health? This is what exactly you are going to discover in this article.

\"sleepingSo do you prefer to sleep on your side, your back or your stomach? In fact, all positions are fine as long as it comforts you, except sleeping on your stomach. Most people will prefer side sleep, and then back sleep and finally, sleep on their stomach.

Not everyone can sleep on their stomach. Some people find it difficult and very uncomfortable. It will cause strain to their stomach muscles and pressure to their neck. However, some people can take it and actually prefer to sleep on their stomach.

It is not a good practice to sleep on your stomach. No matter how you position yourself, sleeping on your stomach will give pressure to your stomach and make your neck twist, which is not a good position.

Whereas for side sleepers and back sleepers, they will never give stress to their stomach or twist on their neck, but still, you need to make sure your posture is correct.

If you sleep on your back, make sure your hands are not above your head. Your hands must be at the side when you are sleeping on your back. This will make sure your body are in full natural position and take a good rest.

Now, for those who sleep on their side, do you know that sleeping on your side can actually helps you to relieve pressures on the back of your neck and your shoulders as well?

The bad news for side sleeper is that your top leg should not bend up. Instead, your bottom leg that is on the bed should bend while your top leg should remain straight.

Of course, you can hug a pillow or a bolster to make you feel comfortable. So right now you know that side sleep can be either good or bad for you. As long as the posture is right, there is no need to worry about whether you are sleeping on the side or on your back.

You just need to find a right posture that is comfortable to you, sleep with that position and develop it into a pattern. This will make sure that you will have a long-term good sleeping position.

Extra Information About Sleeping Positions

Do you know that you can tell the personality of a person by observing his or her sleeping posture and position?

I found this article from About.com and find it quite interesting. So I will quote it and share it here with you…

Fetal Position (41%) Curled up on your side, holding the pillow. The most popular sleeping position, this one was favored by 51% of the women in the study. The personality of these sleepers tends to be shy and sensitive, though they may present a tough exterior to the world.

Soldier Position (8%) Flat on your back with arms at your sides. Indicates a quiet and reserved personality who sets high standards.

Starfish Position (5%) Lying on your back with arms and legs outstretched. Indicates a good listener who makes friends easily, but prefers not to be the center of attention.

Freefall Position (7%) Flat on your stomach with arms at the head or ears. Indicates a brash and gregarious exterior who may inwardly be nervous and sensitive to criticism.

Log Position (15%) On your side with legs outstretched and arms at your sides. Indicates a social, easygoing personality.

Yearner Position (13%) Similar to the log, but with arms outstretched. Said to indicate a suspicious and cynical personality.

I hope you enjoy this article. So how do you find about your sleeping position?\"Is


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