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Homemade Treatments for Painful Toothaches

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                      Homemade Treatments for Painful Toothaches

If you rate the pain of a toothache on a scale from 1 to 10, most people would probably tell you the agony can blow way past the top of the chart. It can be that bad. There are two main causes of toothache: accidental damage to a tooth and decay. Anytime you experience misery caused by one of your "pearly whites", you need to visit a dentist as soon as possible. However, thats not always possible, especially if the toothache happens after the dentists office has closed for the day. So, in the meantime, use these homemade treatments for painful toothaches to help relieve the distress:

1. Numb the Toothache Pain With Ice
One of the easiest and most effective homemade treatments for painful toothaches is using an ice pack or just plain ice. You may wince at the thought of using this method if drinking ice cold beverages makes your tooth hurt. But, in this case, the ice doesnt touch your tooth. Instead, you need to apply an ice pack, or three or four ice cubes wrapped in a dish towel, to your face at the location of the hurting tooth. The ice will help numb the nerves in your tooth and deaden the pain. It will also help relieved a swollen, inflamed gum.

Note: Heat can make a toothache feel better as well. However, if the tooth is infected, applying a heating pad to your face can worsen the problem. The heat can actually cause the infection to spread! Instead of having just a toothache, you can end up with a swollen face as well!

2. Crushed Aspirin Can Help Deaden a Nerve
To use this treatment, take one real aspirin- not Tylenol or Motrin- and crush it into a fine powder between two metal teaspoons. Then, pile the powder up and carefully place all of it directly on the affected tooth. If the tooth is damaged, try to press the aspirin into any cracks or crevices that may exist. Allow the aspirin powder to set undisturbed for twenty to thirty minutes, and you should feel relief from the pain.

3. Alcohol is a Homemade Treatment for Toothaches
Although drinking enough alcohol will surely kill the misery of a toothache, this remedy calls for putting alcohol directly on the tooth instead. Beer isnt strong enough. It doesnt have a high enough alcohol content. Full-strength whiskey or a comparable intoxicating beverage will do the trick. If you dont have any drinkable alcohol on hand, real vanilla extract will also work.

Douse a cotton ball with the beverage or vanilla extract. Gently squeeze out the cotton so its not sloppy wet, then place it directly on the affected tooth. Hold it in place by lightly biting down.

The alcohol will help numb the pain until you can get to a dentist.

4. Salt Water Can Bring Toothache Relief
Table salt has many more uses than just seasoning your food. After you have a tooth extracted, your dentist may tell you to rinse with salt water several times a day. The salt water helps remove food particles from the empty space in your gum. It also will help take away the soreness and help your gum heal.

Mix up a strong solution of table salt and warm tap water, and use this mix as a homemade treatment for painful toothaches too. Stir in a teaspoon of salt in a small glass of warm water until its thoroughly dissolved. Then, take a swig of it and swish it around your mouth for a minute or two before you spit it out. Repeat this process until all of the salt water has been used.

You can use this remedy as many times a day as needed to relieve toothache pain.

5. A Tea Bag Can Help Kill Toothache Agony
If your toothache is caused by an infected tooth, the pain can be relieved by using a tea bag. Place the bag in a cup and pour enough very hot water on it just so its completely wet. Allow it to set for a few minutes to cool down some. Then, gently squeeze the tea bag out so its not sloppy wet. Place it in your mouth and hold it firmly on the affected tooth. Hold it in place for several minutes. The toothache pain should begin to subside.


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