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Why Numbness In Hands While Sleeping And How To Prevent It

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                       Why Numbness In Hands While Sleeping And How To Prevent It

Do you ever have the experience where your hands felt numbed after sleep? I bet you do, and this is why you are reading this article right now.

So why does your hands go numb while sleeping?

The reason that caused numbness in your hand is because your hand is compressed while you are sleeping, causing your blood circulation blockage in that particular part of your body, thus, and causing numbness.

numbness in hands while sleeping


This is not a serious problem; however, it is something that you must keep an eye on. When you fall asleep at the night, you will never be aware of your posture. And if your hands are put above your head, your hands are twisted or compressed, this is what you will get.

Although it is not dangerous for young people, it may be a different story for old folks. As you know, some aging people have difficulties with their blood circulation and or are having other chronic disease. Hence, when they experience the numbness while they sleep for a long period of time, it may make the situation worse.

How can you prevent and treat it?

You can prevent this problem by sleeping with the right pillow and in the right posture. Read the other articles in this website and you will discover a lot of sleeping tips that can help you to sleep in a better position.

Prevention is always better than cure. If you can prevent your hands from being numbed, it will be better. Just make sure you sleep in the right position and in the right postures.

If you want to treat it, it will be easy for young people. You can just massage over the parts that are numbed. You can massage your hands if they numbed after you awake from your sleep. Massaging and making your muscles move can help to circulate the blood.

Whereas for old people, if the situation gets worse, it is always better to consult the doctors. Numbness will not only happen to your hands, it can happen to your neck and ears as well. This is a much serious problem if you are old.

Below are some important points I quoted from Free Unique Articles…

Consumption of vitamin B12, vitamin 6, vitamin B complex and application of ointments or topical creams containing capsaicin are some of the effective treatments for numbness affecting different parts of body.

The numbness occurring in any part of body provided is related with improper posture or compression; it can be sorted out with the restoration of blood circulation, while the paresthesia associated with neurological syndrome requires a fast medical attention. The doctor prescribes powerful medicines to ensure proper blood circulation, meet a deficiency of vitamins, and control the tingling or prickling sensation. The individuals experiencing numbness in hands while sleeping and moving oftentimes should keep themselves free from anxiety and mental stress. They should avoid consuming alcohol also and have only the healthy diets with sufficient amount of nutrients.

This is why your hands will go numb while you sleep. So prevent it or treat it following the advice given.


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